Monday, 13 October 2014

To de-thread or not de-thread (celery) - that is the question!

De-threading Celery: Faff or Fab?
De-threading Celery: Faff or Fab?
'Tis Nobler in my mind to de-thread!

Celery is a wonderful ingredient

It helps add a depth of flavour to savory dishes as well as crunch and texture to salads. However, I sometimes find people saying that they are not keen on celery and when you probe a little deeper, it's the "threads" or "strings" that they don't like.

De-threading celery may seem to be a faff

However, all you need is a vegetable peeler!  Peel the outer ribs of celery as though you were peeling a carrot and in a few seconds, you will have de-threaded celery. You can watch my super quick video of how to remove strings from celery here or click on the picture below:
How to Remove Celery Strings Video

Why bother?  

Well, de-threaded celery makes smoother soups, improves the textures of stews and casseroles and makes salads crunchier.  Do give it a try the next time you cook with celery and see if it's a minute or less of your time well invested! Let me know in the comments below.

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