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Healthy & Easy 5:2 Diet Recipes for One - Part Two: Breakfasts

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In Part Two of Healthy & Easy Cooking for One on the Two-Day 5:2 Diet, we'll take a look at Breakfast, often described as the most important meal of the day.

To Breakfast or not on the Two-Day 5:2 Diet?  

If you think about the word Breakfast, there is a clue that lies within. It’s the meal with which you break-fast. When we wake up in the morning, breakfast can help provide a great foundation for a good day ahead. 

Research has shown that breakfast:
  • can help us be more active during the day 
  • keep us feeling full and much less likely to snack until lunch time. 
Creamy Tomatoes on Toast 106 cals
Creamy Tomatoes on Toast 106 cals
Both of the above remain true, even on the two fasting-diet-days per week on the 5:2 Diet.  However it is likely that on those days you will want to keep your breakfast to around the 100-calorie mark
Smoothies and fruit breakfasts naturally lend themselves to quick and easy low calorie solo breakfast options, but with careful choices you can also enjoy a hot breakfast for 1 on your fast day, such as these tasty Creamy Tomatoes on Toast as only 106 calories!

Quick & Easy Solo Breakfast Recipes - all under 110 calories

If you are looking for more inspiration on filling, tasty and healthy Two-Day 5:2 Diet Plan breakfast receipes, then one not take a look at my Meals For One Diet Recipe Cookbook which also includes a Beginners Guide to the Two-Day 5:2 Diet Plan. The single serving calorie-counted recipes in this book make it so easy to enjoy delicious, perfectly portioned breakfasts for one, such as
  • Blueberry, Lemon & Honey Parfait - 98 calories
  • Melon, Kiwi & Blueberry Salad with Lemon-Honey Drizzle - 101 calories
  • Egg & Cheese on Rye - 95 calories
The Beginners Guide to the Two-Day 5:2 Diet Plan Meals For One Cookbook is available from Amazon here in either paperback or as an ebook.

You can also find more information on  this Healthy & Easy 5:2 Diet Recipes for One  mini-series:

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