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Healthy & Easy 5:2 Diet Recipes for One - Part Four Low Calorie Dinners & Main Meals

3 Top Tips for Single-Serving Diet Dinners Between 200 & 300 Calories on 5:2 Diet Days

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If you're on the 5:2 Diet, it’s not a good plan to be wandering the oh-so-tempting aisles of the supermarket on your fast-diet-days, nor to get home after a hard day in the office and be faced with “what should I cook tonight”? 

Sticking to 500/600 calories on two diet days per week is essential on this diet plan as it’s this which creates the weekly calorie deficit. Single-serving meals can be difficult at any time, but it’s even more so when you want something that is healthy, tasty and filling and only between 200 and 300 calories

Healthy cooking for one can seem like a lot of work and effort.  However the key to success for fast-diet day dinners is to combine:
  1. delicious foods that are naturally low in fat and calories with
  2. healthy cooking techniques and
  3. portion control.
Following these principals, you will be able to enjoy:

  • fresh, flavoursome salads
  • super single serving vegetarian meals
  • delicious individual fabulous fish & chicken meals,

many of which can be ready in ½hr. For example, my Quick & Easy Creamy Roasted Pepper, Tomato & Caper Pasta is only 274 calories for a hearty and filling serving and ready in 30 minutes.

Need further inspiration for Diet Meals for One Between 200 & 300 Calories?

Beginners Guide to the Two-Day 5:2 Diet
Plan & Meals For One Cookbook
If you are looking for more inspiration on filling, tasty and healthy Two-Day 5:2 Diet Plan dinner receipes, then why not take a look at my Meals For One Diet Recipe Cookbook which also includes a Beginners Guide to the Two-Day 5:2 Diet Plan. The single serving calorie-counted recipes in this book make it so easy to enjoy delicious, perfectly portioned meals for one, such as

  • Fruity Asian Prawn & Pepper Rice Bowl - 241 calories 
  • Roasted Butternut Squash Dahl Bowl - 246 calories 
  • Chicken Florentine Bake - 254 calories. 
Packed full of flavourful, natural, healthy ingredients, prepared in advance and ready and waiting for you, these delicious recipes won't leave you feeling hungry or unsatisfied after eating. The Beginners Guide to the Two-Day 5:2 Diet Plan Meals For One Cookbook is available from Amazon here in either paperback or as an ebook.

You can also find more information on  this Healthy & Easy 5:2 Diet Recipes for One  mini-series:

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