Sunday, 1 February 2015

Menu of the Month February - Love the Heart of your Valentine!

Love Your Heart with a Low Fat & Low Cholesterol Valentine's Day Dinner
Love Your Heart with a Low Fat & Low Cholesterol Valentine's Day Dinner
Only 746 Calories, Total Fat 18g Fat & 5g Saturated Fat per person
February is the month of hearts and love as well as being National Heart Month, and what better way to show the one you love that you truly care than to cook up a heart-healthy, mouth-watering three course Valentine's Day Dinner with only 5g of Saturated Fat? It's low in saturated fat and cholesterol, but full of flavour and completely satisfying.  
London Particular Soup with Croutons
To start, serve London Particular Soup with Croutons. London Particular is gloriously named after the not-so-glorious thick fogs that enveloped England’s capital city in the 19th Century, which were called ‘Pea Soupers’. Traditionally made with the stock from a boiled bacon joint, this heart-healthy version uses reduced-salt vegetable stock instead but retains the bacon flavour with a delicious garnish of grilled bacon strips and linseed bread croutons. Per serving,  this comforting soup is just 198 Calories, 3g of Total Fat and 1g Saturated Fat.
Slow Cooker Chile Blanco
As it's still very chilly in February, warm up your loved one with a hearty and heart-healthy bowl of Slow Cooker Chile Blanco, bursting with flavour. What's even more fab is that this aromatic dish cooks happily all by itself in your slow cooker, leaving you free to have fun with your Valentine! A gratifying portion of this chilli comes in at just 305 Calories, with 10g of Total Fat and only 3g Saturated Fat.
To finish, you must serve your honey a dessert and there's no need for share-sies with these delicious individual Honeyed Blueberry & Peach Cobblers containing only 243 Calories, 5g Total Fat and a mere 1g Saturated Fat.

So, a scrumptious, three-course Valentine's Day Meal for just 746 Calories, 18g Fat and only 5g of Saturated Fat per person. Love your and your partner's hearts with these heart-healthy, low cholesterol recipes plus a 100 more in  my Easy Low Fat and Low Cholesterol Mediterranean Diet Recipe Cookbook.  It's available to buy on or  You can find out much more about the benefits of eating a low fat, low cholesterol Mediterranean Diet here.

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