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Have you tried cooking En Papillote?

Have you ever tried cooking ‘En Papillote’? 

This is a fabulously simple method of cooking where each individual portion is “parcelled” up in either baking parchment or kitchen foil and baked.  Effectively, a papillote creates a fully sealed mini-oven, so food cooked this way remains succulent and retains all its flavour. It is also quick and super-healthy, and it looks and smells amazing when you serve it too! 
Cooking ‘En Papillote’
Cooking ‘En Papillote’
The trick is to make sure that your parcel is fully sealed, so that the steam and juices can’t escape. And this trick can at first seem tricksy, especially it you are using parchment rather than foil.  

So here’s my 3 top tips for creating perfect parchment parcels:

Perfect Parchment Parcels
Perfect Parchment Parcels
  1. Take a generous rectangle of parchment paper, say 30cmx45cm (12”x18”) approx and place onto a baking sheet. If appropriate, spritz the sheet with olive oil or sunflower spray to prevent sticking.
  2. Add your recipe ingredients to the middle of the parchement sheet, remembering that this dish creates a little dining theatre when served, so take a little extra care to make sure you layer up your ingredients prettily. Now is also time to season well as you can’t add seasoning whilst the dish cooks.
  3. To seal each papillote, bring the parchment over the fish and vegetables, join together the long edges and fold over to seal.  Double-fold each end and tuck under to make a sealed parcel. The parcel should not be too tight, as steam will puff it up in the oven, but the edges do need to be fully sealed to prevent steam/liquid escaping whilst cooking. Place the baking sheet in the oven and cook for according to the recipe. 
Garlic & Herb Roasted Cod with Fennel En Papillote
Garlic & Herb Roasted Cod with Fennel En Papillote
To serve, place a papillote on a warm serving plate and allow each diner to enjoy opening their own papillote before eating - bon app├ętit!
You can find this particular recipe for Garlic & Herb Roasted Cod with Fennel En Papillote in my Two Day 5:2 Diet Plan Fast Diet Book Recipe Cookbook (see below).
Have you ever tried this method, what did you think?

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