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The 5:2 Diet Plan: A Dozen Days To A New You For Summer - June Menu of the Month

5:2 Diet Plan Under 500 calories Meal Plan Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
5:2 Diet Plan Under 500 calories Meal Plan Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
At last the weather is beginning to warm up over here in the UK. Are you looking forward to enjoying being fit and active on long summer days in the countryside or perhaps being chilled and well-rested at the beach? Whichever the case, the promise of beautiful summer days often prompts us to reassess our diet and healthy eating goals and perhaps aim to also lose a few pounds that crept on whilst we weren’t looking in the colder months!

Healthy Weight Loss Diet Plan

Did you know that there’s a healthy weight loss diet plan where you focus your effort into just two days a week, leaving you relaxed and free to eat well on the remaining five days? The Two-Day 5:2 Diet Plan is an extremely popular way to both lose weight and improve your overall health. It is a plan that is:
  • simple to understand
  • easy to adapt to your own lifestyle
  • manageable and straightforward
  • a suitable weight loss diet for women or men

    A Dozen Days to a New You For Summer

    The Two Day 5:2 Diet Plan Recipe Cookbook - Low Calorie Meals Under 300 Calories
    This means that if you follow the Two-Day 5:2 Diet Plan for 6 weeks, you will only diet for a total of a dozen days (just two days per week). A scientific study published in 2010 (link Int J Obes (Lond)) found the 5:2 Diet to be as effective at losing weight and improving insulin sensitivity as following a daily calorie-controlled diet. Based on the weekly calories deficit created by following the 5:2 diet, you can reasonably expect to lose 1-2lbs per week following this type of diet, which works out at to an average 6-12lbs (2.7-5.4kg) for a 6 week period. With that in mind, June’s featured Menu of the Month comes from my newly released "The Two Day 5:2 Diet Plan Recipe Cookbook - Low Calorie Meals", which features over 40 recipes, ALL 300 calories & under! It shows you just how much naturally filling and delicious food you can eat, even on your 500 calorie fast days!

    500 Calorie Fast Day Summer Diet Menu Plan

    This menu plan for a 500 calorie diet day (one of two low calorie diet days per week) illustrates that your Fast Diet Days can still be tasty, satisfying and healthy. This menu plan clocks in at just 488 calories for breakfast, lunch and dinner!
    5:2 Diet Breakfast Toasted Quinoa & Blackberry Parfait 88 calories

    5:2 Diet Breakfast - Toasted Quinoa & Blackberry Parfait

    For a great start to your diet, kick the day off with this Toasted Quinoa & Blackberry Parfait at only 88 calories a portion. It’s packed full of protein to help you feel fuller for longer and with comes with a really satisfying crunch from the toasted quinoa topping.
    5:2 Diet Lunch Ranch Chicken Pitta 184 calories

    5:2 Diet Lunch - Ranch Chicken Pitta

    Don’t make the mistake of stopping by any of those ‘Meal Deals Lunch’ shops on your Fast Diet days. A packaged chicken salad sandwich can easily contain over 350 calories, and I have even spotted some that are around 500 calories! Instead, for under 200 calories, tuck into this flavoursome & filling Ranch Chicken Pitta – just 188 moreish calories!
    5:2 Diet Dinner - Spinach Soufflé 216 calories

    5:2 Diet Dinner - Spinach Soufflé

    Don’t worry that all this delicious food means that you’ll be dinning on a dry cracker and water for your evening meal – I’ve got you covered! Instead, you could be enjoying this impressive but oh-so-easy Spinach Soufflé, the soufflé may be big and beautiful but the calorie-count is a slim and slender 216 calories.

    Two Day 5:2 Diet Plan Recipe Cookbook - Low Calorie Meals

    All these recipes feature in the Two Day 5:2 Diet Plan Recipe Cookbook - Low Calorie Meals, available as a paperback or ebook. Don't forget you don't need a Kindle to read an ebook, you can download the Kindle app and read it on your PC, iPad or tablet too. Packed full of flavourful, natural, healthy ingredients, perfectly portioned for low calorie meals, these delicious recipes won't leave you feeling hungry or unsatisfied after eating.

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