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3 Fabulous Foods Rich in Beta Glucan 4 Lower Cholesterol – Love Your Heart!

Love your heart & take a closer look at these 

3 fabulous foods that are rich in beta glucan for lower cholesterol!

3 fabulous foods that are richt in beta glucan for lower cholesterol

What is Beta Glucan?

Beta glucan is a soluble dietary fibre found naturally in some foods and research has shown that it has a cholesterol lowering effect. In addition, soluble fibre is also known to help slow down the absorption of sugars from our diet, which means that beta glucan can also help to control blood sugar levels.

Beta Glucan Triple Play

With beta glucan, you get a triple whammy, as it works in three different ways to reduce cholesterol levels.  
  1. By binding to bile and cholesterol together, beta glucan helps prevent the cholesterol-like substances in our bile from being reabsorbed.
  2. It helps prevent cholesterol in our food from being absorbed
  3. It helps reduce the levels of cholesterol in our body by taking more cholesterol out of our blood stream.

3 Fabulous Foods Rich in Beta Glucan (2 of which are also Gluten-Free)

All of that sounds great, but not so much if it means eating food with the taste and texture of cardboard! Luckily, you don't have too. The UK's leading cholesterol charity (link: advises that optimal intake is 3g or more of beta glucan daily. This can be achieved through eating 2-4 portions of foods rich in beta glucan, and here's the fabulous news - 3 excellent & delicious sources of beta glucan are:
  • Oats 
  • Shiitake Mushrooms
  • Pearl Barley
Shiitake mushrooms and certified gluten-free oats are both great sources of beta glucan for those on a gluten-free diet, but barley is a form of wheat and should be avoided.

5 Really Delicious Ways To Eat More Beta Glucan

    Breakfast Granola
  1. Make your own heart-healthy, oat-rich breakfast granola
  2. Speaking of granola, have you tried a savoury granola as a sprinkle over soup instead of croutons? 
  3. Add sliced shiitake mushrooms to casseroles and salads
  4. Add a couple of spoons of pearl barley to soups and stews
  5. Whizz a spoon of oats in with your fruit smoothie.

Further Inspiration

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