Sunday, 23 August 2015

Research Shows Low-Fat Packs a Mightier Diet Punch than Low-Carb!

Ding, ding …… round 594 in the battle of the diets featuring Low Fat vs Low Carb Diets! And it appears that low-fat packs a mightier diet punch than low-carb.

In a recent scientific study, calorie-for-calorie reducing the fat in your diet lead to greater overall body fat loss when compared to reducing your carb intake by an equal amount of calories, (source: Cell Metabolism S1550-4131(15))

Daily Body Fat Loss

The study took place in a confined, controlled environment (which elements the risk of error through mis-reporting by subjects). The group followed the same baseline diet for 5 days and were then split into 2 groups. One group had their calories reduced by 800 cals per day from a lower fat intake whilst the other group had the same calories reduction but this time from eating fewer carbs.  As well as controlling the diet that was eaten by the group, the researchers from the National Institutes of Health also measured and analysed their levels of exercise.

Unsurprisingly, as both diets restricted total calorie intake compared with the baseline, they did each result in body fat loss in the two groups. However, those in the lower fat intake group lost significantly more body fat (an average of 89g per day versus 53g per day in the lower-carb group). Discover more about good unsaturated fat vs bad saturated and trans fat here.

The Low-Fat Mediterranean Diet 

One of the most popular and truly healthy low-fat diets is the Mediterranean Diet, which doctors have described as a sure way to improve health. You can read more about the overall health benefits associated with the Mediterranean Diet here and here, and there is even evidence that it maintains brain health as you age.

Many experts advise that the "best diet" is the one that you can stick too, and with the low-fat Mediterranean Diet you can enjoy a wide variety of naturally delicious and filling meals.

Further Inspiration

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