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Menu of the Month - October

October Menu of the Month - Low Fat & Low Cholesterol Eats
After a gorgeous long summer here in the UK, the mellow fruitfulness of Autumn is now definitely upon us! Autumn is my absolutely favourite season of the year, I love the colours of the foliage, the crisp snap to the early morning air and, best of all, comforting warming food bursting with the delicious flavours of seasonal produce. But comfort food doesn't have to mean stodgy, heavy or unhealthy, so let's take a look at what I'm cooking this month!

London Particular (Spit Pea) Soup Recipe

London Particular (Spit Pea) Soup Video Recipe

So there is nothing quite like a warming bowl of delicious soup on a chilling Autumn day and the colours of my gloriously-named London Particular Soup looks like Autumn in a bowl!
Watch my video recipe on how to make my easy and delicious, heart-healthy version of this warming split pea soup. It's low fat and low cholesterol, naturally gluten free and suitable for vegetarians and vegans too!

Spicy Seed & Carrot Flatbreads Recipe

Spicy Seed & Carrot Flatbreads Video Recipe

If you're looking for the perfect accompaniment that will turn a bowl of London Particular Soup into a really warming, hearty meal then why not add one of my Spicy Seed & Carrot Flatbreads? Fragrant, golden and wonderfully tasty, they are so simple to make too, you can watch my video recipe here.

Lemon Vanilla Poached Pears Recipe

Lemon Vanilla Poached Pears Video Recipe

And as we're talking about the mellow fruitfulness of Autumn, what could be more appropriate (or delicious) than finishing off with a fruit pudding? My Lemon Vanilla Poached Pears make the most of our lovely seasonal autumnal fruits and what's more, you can indulge in this light, low fat dessert even if you're on a diet as they are virtually fat free and only 115 calories! See how when you watch my video recipe here.

Featured Recipes

The recipes from my October Menu of the Month can be found in my best-selling Easy Low Fat & Low Cholesterol Mediterranean Diet Recipe Cookbook (soup and flatbreads) and Low Fat & Low Calorie Diet Treats Recipe Cookbooks including my Desserts, Cakes & Bakes Cookbook (poached pears):


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